How to find out the real reason why your new glasses are uncomfortable

How to find out the real reason why your new glasses are uncomfortable

We found that many friends who wear new glasses will encounter such problems: I have been used to the new glasses for almost half a month, but I still feel uncomfortable wearing them, dizziness, sore eyes, nausea… and even some Falling while walking! Do I continue to get used to it or do I have to get new glasses?

In fact, this is a very common problem encountered when matching new glasses. Basically, every friend who wears glasses may have encountered it, especially the wearer who has changed the degree of glasses. is more likely.

Why are new glasses uncomfortable to wear? There are 3 reasons:

1. The luminosity of the new glasses is the same as that of the old glasses, but the clarity of the old glasses will be much different from that when they were just matched due to the absorption of oil fume, impurities, film damage, oxidation and other problems.

At the beginning of wearing, the lens will feel brighter, and there may be a slight dizziness, which is normal. The sensitivity of individual eyes is different, and sudden changes in visual brightness will also make your eyes slightly uncomfortable, and you can fully adapt to it after 3-5 days of wearing.

2. The luminosity of the new glasses is different from that of the old glasses (new glasses prepared according to the new prescription), if the degree is increased, the refractive habits of the eyes will change and a slight dizziness will occur. Wear it for 5-10 days. Fully adaptable.

3. Customers who wear astigmatism lenses for the first time are prone to the feeling of shaking and deformation of vision. It usually takes 5-15 days to adapt.

After more than 15 days, can I continue to wear the new glasses that I cannot adapt to?

First of all, let me tell you for sure: such glasses must not be worn anymore! !

Because: You have been used to it for half a month, and this is the limit of the adaptation period. If you are still uncomfortable wearing it, it means that the glasses are not a problem with post-processing, or there is a problem with your refraction.

At this point, what you need to do is use exclusion to determine where the specific cause is.

First of all, take your glasses to any optical shop and ask them to test for you whether the data on the glasses is accurate and whether there is any problem with the quality of the glasses; for example, the error of the lenses’ myopia or hyperopia; if there is astigmatism, also determine the astigmatism The error of the axial position; of course, the interpupillary distance cannot be missing;

The error range of the above data is stipulated by national standards, and there are measuring instruments (focal meter) in the optical shop, which can be easily detected.

Then, if there is no problem with all the data after excluding the post-processing of the glasses, and there is no problem with the quality of the lenses, then it should be that your prescription is inaccurate, that is to say, your prescription is unscientific.

At this time, we can only re-optometry as soon as possible; so it can be seen from this that optometry in the early stage of glasses is a very important part. We must go to a professional optometry institution for medical optometry, and we must find professional optometry. Merchants, otherwise there will be great uncertainty.

The above are some suggestions for friends who are uncomfortable wearing new glasses, hoping to help solve the problem. Before the problem is ruled out, it is recommended that you do not wear glasses that are uncomfortable!

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