One of the best ways for you to connect to your business customers is building an app. Today, people are hooked to use mobile phones. This has opened much opportunities for UX designers and development companies to become more popular. And if you’re a startup or an enterprise, you must accept this reality – every business must go mobile.
A mobile application is the best possible way to interact with customers. Today, millions of apps are present on App Store and Google Play as well. Almost all the Internet users around the globe are using their mobile phones and other mobile devices to look for products or services.
But despite this reality, there have been businesses that failed in the mobile marketing industry too. It means that not all businesses with mobile apps succeed.
Following are the top 10 secrets to a successful mobile app development:
● Do proper research
How do you develop an app idea? It all starts with research. Firstly, you have to identify a problem that is already existing and you want to provide a solution for it. Also, making your app different from currently available apps could make it a success. It will be responsible for giving you a unique edge so you could stand out in an ocean of mobile apps.
If you ask the founders and mobile app developers that how do they develop an app idea? They will tell you that research plays a important role in the whole process. Take Google Maps, for example. The idea of google map came when Google realized that they could come up with an app that operates the same way our brain’s navigational system does. The app was such a bang that their researchers even got rewarded.
Mobile app development is a continuous process of sequenced steps which are research, implementation, and more research. As you improve your app analyzing the deficiencies, the more useful and valuable it will become for your customers. Take time to justify what your competitor’s apps can do before you come up with your own. Competitive analysis allows you to discover how you could make your app that makes a difference from other apps.

● Users Demand
Ask yourself, Who is the user? How this app going to help him in any way? Where and when will the app will be used? What are his intentions for using this app? How much time does he have?
Research shows that giving importance to have a great User Experience (UX) for your app could help you in reducing the product development cycles up to 50%. UX is particularly typical for your mobile applications , as users are working on small screens and often don’t have the patience for complicated processes.
It would help to have an analytics team that would elaborate how users are interacting with your app. This team should also consider the customer feedback when analyzing your application.
● Ensure App’s High Performance
The performance of your mobile application , must be streamline. During product development, pay attention to factors such as speed, usability and refresh rate of your app. Otherwise, your customers will likely to stop using your app.
The founders and developers of Google Maps have invested a lot in making sure their application is at its top performance app.
● No In-app Advertisements
It is another thing that must be considered in the features of your application for it to become successful. The user engagement will tend to increase when there are no obstacles during the time that a user is using a mobile application , The interaction will be overwhelming when every user will be onscreen for a long time. Thus, it is important to consider blocking paid advertisements in your app because most of the users find it disgusting.
It can be tempting to have advertisements in your app as it can add more profit. But its outcome can be more judgmental, not fruitful for your business to some extent. To avoid the possible drawbacks, you have stay reluctant to show ads while the user is using the app.

● Team Formation
One of the secret to successful of mobile app development is in the quality of your team. Modern processes of app development sketch insights from a variety of disciplines to achieve design for user experience.
Alongside a developer, you will need a designer, quality engineer, project manager, analytics personnel, and others. Including different professionals leading to the ideas that are beyond the norm. Maintaining good relationships between experts stays responsible for the success of your mobile application development.
● Design of your app
If you’ve made a decision to build an app, coming up with a distinct idea that lets you stand out from the competition is an integral part to your success, and it can be the difference between standing out and making up to the mark. That something is the design of your app.
Beautiful user interfaces, presenting simplicity, and easy navigation are 3 of the most prominent attributes in a great app . You have to make sure your customers about your app, understand its purpose, have an easy time navigating through it, and ensure it’s something they will keep coming back to.
● Offline Capabilities
It is obvious that sometimes there is unavailability of internet access for the people being at certain places. In order to counter that, you should make your app accessible even in the offline state. This provide churns to the users as they can use your app and spend their time while they had nothing else to do. It makes the app friendly to the users.
● Marketing Plan
When you’re done with the technical part of mobile application development , it’s time to make a strategy and a plan to get people familiar with your app and to use it. You should consider including pricing, features which are to be added on the next release, and marketing plan to introduce the product into the market.
An interesting thing to notice that Snapchat initially started by spreading the word about their app to their close friends? Although, it wasn’t strategized until teenagers were blown up by the app that it became so popular. The founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom followed a different marketing strategy. He used influencers marketing to advertise the app. With this strategy, his app had earned millions of users in the blink of an eye.
One thing that is to be kept in mind is that marketing is the most important and crucial part of your business whether you’re a startup or currently running a business.

● Post-Launch Testing
Inspection of your app after its launch would help you find out the problem areas that you couldn’t notice during the app development process. The sooner you detect these issues, the faster you will be able to resolve them. Additionally, as quicker you implement solutions, the better UX you will provide, and the more pleased your consumers will be.
While it is necessary to test your app before it goes to the market, it is also critical to follow up testing as it is launched. This is the best strategy that has worked for many successful applications. It would help if you continue improving; testing will give you a head start.
● Maintaining Customer Support
After following up the previous well-researched and experienced steps, it is a must to maintain the customer support or reviewing the user’s complains being reported. It portrays the live connection between the app and the customer dragging the app closer to be a successful app.
I hope you’ll find these steps useful and it will motivate to take a step forward and plan to build your app that would touch the peaks that you desire.
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