5 Tips To Clean Baby Spit-Up From Couch

5 Tips To Clean Baby Spit-Up From Couch

Not the most pleasant subject, but knowing what to do if your infant or young child has vomited on your furniture or carpets without leaving a permanent stain may prove useful. Babies don’t hold back when it comes to spitting up. They’ll do it on the couch, the carpet, or the lovely baby blanket. Vomit is similar in composition to baby spit-up, which can also be breast milk or formula. Spitting causes a protein-based stain, which frequently also contains colour, to appear on upholstery. These simple techniques can help you remove these stains.

Simple yet effective techniques

Baking soda

To remove any substance that may have fallen onto the surface of the upholstery, blot the spit-up stain using paper towels. After cleaning up the vomit, dab the area with a paper towel to eliminate any remaining wetness. Put a heap of baking soda over the upholstery stain caused by the vomit. Leave the baking soda on it till the upholstery dries and absorbs all moisture. It also absorbs any lingering moisture from the spit-up and neutralises the stench as it dries.


Vinegar can be used to remove vomit stains from your couch. Vinegar is practical, affordable, and simple to use. Additionally, it is easy to find, eco-friendly, and beneficial for a variety of other cleaning jobs. Combine warm water and vinegar. With a washcloth or scrub brush, apply the solution to your couch. Completely scrub the stain until it is saturated. After the stain has been removed, blot the area using a towel, rinse it with water, and let it air dry.

Dish soap

Dish soap and water must be combined and mixed to create a soapy solution. You can apply the solution to the stain, saturating it, just like you did with the vinegar, and then clean the area with a washcloth or brush. Blot the area and let it air dry. You might not get it right the first time with vinegar or dish soap. Repeat the processes until the area is pristine and clean. Engage a reputable upholstery cleaning business if the stain persists despite repeated efforts.

Coffee grounds for the stench

Coffee grounds are an effective deodorizer because of their intense, rich aroma. Place a cheesecloth with dry coffee grinds inside it in the room where your couch is. After a spit-up accident, this might assist you to clean up the entire area. Alternately, consider placing a cup of coffee beans on a nearby table. While you wait for the stench of vomit to go away, this can help cover it up.

Enzymatic cleaner

You should always keep an upholstery cleaner designed to remove pet stains. Similar to other pet stains, the vomit and odour are treated by the enzymes present in this product. Lightly spritz the stain with the cleaner and wipe it with a clean, white cloth by working from the stain’s edge toward its centre. Continue doing this until the stain disappears. With a fresh, moist cloth, rinse the area well. To keep the enzymes active, cover the area with a damp towel for at least 12 hours. Take off the towel and let it air dry.


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