How to get adopt me pets?

How to get adopt me pets?

The game got introduced as a parenting task platform with multiple activities. After the few latest updates in a game has become all about collecting new pets. All the players are gushing about it, and want to find new methods of collecting them.

The easiest method to get new pets is by spending on some robots. But, that would cost you a lot of money. Many people are not in favor. Here is a guide to help you find out some adopt me pets without much hassle. Click here for more details adopt me free pets.

What are adopt me pets?

This asset got released in 2019 with the update of the summer season. But, there were other backpacks related to pets. The concept of eggs and gifts are similar. But they take a much longer time to hatch. It is not the only way to get pets. You can also directly buy them through Robux or the in-game currency does money in adopt me.

You can put some choices in your favorite box and equip them by touching the star. When you collect enough money, go to the nursery and purchase them. All the new players get rewarded with an egg from Sir Woofington. It can only turn into a dog and cat. 

Types of Pets

The game has released five categories of pets which depend on the money you spend on purchasing them. Some get bought directly but, others need to get hatched from an egg. The developers have brought in 74 unique characters that you can own by finding eggs. These are the 5 types:

  • Rare
  • Common
  • Legendary
  • Uncommon
  • Ultra rare

There is one more special kind of pet termed an event pet. Because after some time, it will get from the platform and cease to exist in your inventory. To date, three characters got released: Kitty, Scoob, and pumpkin. For more information click on adopt me trading values.

Ways to get Adopt me free pets?

  • Here we will fill you with the information of location and procedures to get for free.
  • All the new players start with their first egg on given by Woofington. You need to wait and nurture it to hatch the egg. Choose any characters from dog and cat species.
  • The regular players are aware of Star rewards. These are the points collected every time you start playing the game. These are highly precious and get traded for adorable pets like starfish for 550 only. Some lucky players also get rewarded with assets like a blue rider, didgirido, and racer rocket.
  • Purchasing pets via in-game money is another procedure to collect legendary and rare characters. You can earn cash in numerous methods like putting up a money tree on your garden to get 8 cash every day. If you decide on growing multiple trees, you get eligible for a hundred tokens per day.
  • Another way to collect cash is by playing the game. The developers award you money for doing activities on this platform every 15 minutes. There is a glitch method to help you get rich overnight. Leave the game open in your background app and get rewarded with money.
  • Keep playing games every day for consecutive days to get special rewards and money. When you do not break your record for 5 days. You will get an exciting gift. Continue in this street for 30 days will get you an extra-ordinary egg.
  • Some blue and orange missions can get you money.
  • You can find a legendary pet near the hospital. Move across the bridge. You will come across a huge mansion. If you explore it, you will come across a sign that tells you that this space is empty. Slide into the nearby vent how to find a legendary egg.
  • Transform your pets into neon characters by visiting Nixie’s caves. There is a big circle. You need to put 4 of your older pets with a full-grown body of the same species. When the magic starts working, you will find them all merging into one neon pet.


This feature of the game is bringing new players. It is getting attention from the influencers. Some content creators are spreading a lie about promo codes for free adoption pets. Be aware of such people because there is no designated box to enter any code. Do not believe in such news unless the developers release official notice.

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