Instrument set for plastic surgery

Instrument set for plastic surgery

Plastic surgery basic sets:

Basic Principles and Techniques of Plastic Surgery:

Acquisition of knowledge, experience, and skills:

Motors for plastic surgery instruments:

Plastic Surgery:

This is a surgical procedure that can be performed on different parts of the body. Its main objective is to reshape or repair an imperfection in certain parts of the body. This type of intervention has been around since the existence of surgery, and the methods used in it are constantly being improved so as to always give perfect results to patients.

Plastic surgery basic sets:

There are two main sets of basic plastic surgery sets that are used in different surgeries. Here, I will discuss these sets.

1. Abdominoplasty Surgery Instrument Set

2. Mammoplasty Surgery Instrument Set

3. Micro-surgical Instrument Set

4. Endoscopic face lift set

5. Chin Augmentation Instruments Set

6. Cleft and Palate Repairing Instrument Set

7. Breast Augmentation Instrument Set.

Basic Principles and Techniques of Plastic Surgery:

“Surgical techniques” is a popular topic. Experience the success of handling and suturing tissues, as well as their control. Bleeding for the first time, they will also meet the miracles of the videoscopic technique. Although “surgical technique” is still a popular and interesting topic, our belief is that medical practitioners need more than that.

Cutting and disassembling tools:

Their job is to cut or separate the tissue and remove the unnecessary tissue. Scalpels or scissors are the most commonly used tools for this purpose. The following devices also fall into this category: Hemostasis is used to make tissues. Dissector, diathermy pencil (mono- or bipolar diathermy or electrocautery), pruning knife, saws, and raspatories.


Scalpels cause minimal trauma to the tissue during tissue dissection. Nowadays, disposable scallops with plastic handles or scalpels with plastic handles instead of the detachable blade are the most commonly used.


Scissors can be of different sizes. Their blades can be straight, curved, or angular, and their gestures can be blunt-blunt, blunt-sharp, or sharp-sharp. To cut, it is usually made from the part of the blade that is closest to its tip. Blunt is also suitable for dissection and tissue preparation. Scissors are also used for cutting threads and bandages.


An ultrasonic dissector is a device that is used for crushing the liver parenchyma, removing crushed tissue, and exposing fibrous tissue. It has an ultrasonic vibration at the tip. It is in the form of a long-handled, ring-ended instrument.

Acquisition of knowledge, experience, and skills:

Essential laws, ordinances, and guidelines

  • Surgical techniques and use of instruments, in particular incision, preparation, retraction, suturing, and knotting techniques, including laser application, take into account the various tissue structures.
  • Surgical perioperative treatment includes preparation, positioning techniques, aftercare, and complication management, as well as indications for further measures.
  • Temporary Immobilization Techniques and Fixation Bandage
  • Prophylaxis, diagnosis, and therapy of thromboses.
  • Wound healing and scarring.
  • Wound management and stage-appropriate wound therapy, as well as dressing theory, including various wound dressings, negative pressure, and compression therapy.
  • Defect coverage in acute and chronic wounds.
  • The basics of drug tumor therapy.
  • Basic treatment for patients requiring palliative care.
  • Score systems and risk assessment.

Motors for plastic surgery instruments:

Whether it is a tool for liposuction or a skin graft, plastic surgery instruments must be precise, ergonomic, and efficient. Portescap provides surgeons with the power, speed, and control to achieve excellent surgical results with a wide range of miniature electric motors.

Portescap’s customizable motors deliver a high density of power and speed in the smallest, lightest possible footprint. Portescap’s Hall Effect encoder and sensor options provide precise speed and torque control during operation. In addition, sterilizable options, capable of withstanding over 1,000 autoclave cycles, extend device life and reduce the total cost of the device to the end-user.


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