What to look for in the best blow dryer for natural in 2024

What to look for in the best blow dryer for natural in 2024

What should I look for in the best blow dryer for natural black hair?

Here are the absolute most critical highlights to pay special attention to when purchasing another blow dryer for Afro-finished hair:


The ideal power utilization, particularly for a decent blow dryer, is between 1800 watts and 3600 watts. Numerous regular hair dryer audits show that anything under 1800 W is just not effective enough. You will either neglect to accomplish the ideal styling results by any means or will invest an excessive amount of energy doing so, which will expose your delicate hair to huge heat harm.

Heat/speed settings

A respectable blow dryer should have at least three hotness settings: cool, medium, and hot, yet the best models will likewise permit you to change speed to match your blow-drying needs. A few rates to control the wind current blended in with something like three heat settings is a great combo worth putting resources into.

Ionic innovation

This component is most frequently used in tourmaline blow dryers, yet it can likewise be found in items made of different materials. The utilization of ionic innovation helps discharge a lot of negative particles that cooperate with and kill positive particles in your hair.

Along these lines, the frizz that shows up during a victory meeting is diminished impressively. Mind that when utilized on hair that isn’t inclined to frizz, this innovation can create the outcome of excessively styled hair.

Infrared innovation

In the event that your hair is excessively touchy and delicate, the utilization of infrared innovation will be exceptionally useful. Utilizing the IR waves to dry the hair from within, the component limits the harm that heat can deliver on its external part.


Whether or not to go overboard on a blow dryer with different connections depends on your special drying and styling needs. A diffuser connection can assist with making more characterized, fun twists, while a concentrator installation will work with fixing hair. Probably the most progressive models have extra connections, like brushes, stylers, and so forth.

Weight and size

The more lightweight and smaller the picked model is, the simpler it will be for you to deal with and move it around. Additionally, when searching for a model to go on outings with, ensure it is outfitted with the double voltage included and can easily fit in any powered attachment.

The most travel-accommodating choices are foldable ones or those with separable parts that can be eliminated and put away independently.

Cool-shot button

That is a great element to have to assume you really want a speedy method for securing your hairdo whenever you are finished with it. The cool shot capacity guarantees a durable hold and gives your styled hair a mind-blowing sparkle.

There are other convenient elements a decent blow dryer for regular dark hair ought to have, for example,

A long string of at least 8 inches (ideally, a turntable or retractable one);

A rubber-treated handle for a simple and safe hold;

Clamor is decreasing innovation;

Launderable and reusable channels;

Security highlights like programmed shut-off.

Instructions to Dry Natural Black Hair: Do’s and Don’ts to Keep in Mind

Despite the fact that it regularly requires extra-wary consideration, normal dark hair isn’t as trying as far as drying and styling as it appears. Cautiously follow these couple of tips and tricks, and you will be granted extravagant, reflexive, and sound-looking locks:

Wash your hair completely with the right sort of cleanser and deep conditioner.

Pat, it dries with a microfiber material until it is around 70% wet.

Detangle your clammy hair with your fingers prior to brushing it out.

Begin brushing at the closures and gradually make your way to the roots to forestall superfluous pulling and breaking.

Portion your hair into however many areas you can handle and apply a heat protectant item to each before blow-drying it.

Set your blow dryer to work at a low heat setting and slowly increase it to the ideal temperature. Attempt to adhere to the least good hotness setting all through your styling meeting to forestall hair harm.

Try not to extend your hair when blow-drying it, as it can prompt breaking.

Utilize a diffuser connection to guarantee an all-the-even heat spread and give your locks more characterized forms.

Nearer to the furthest limit of your drying and styling meeting, use the cool shot component to give your hair a reviving virus impact. This will seal the fingernail skin, focus your hairdo set-up, and add a touch of additional sparkle.


This segment unites, sums up, and helps answer a few of the most squeezing questions in regards to the everyday consideration of normal dark hair.

Is blow-drying terrible for regular, dark hair?

All hair types react adversely to persistent or continuous openness to warmth. In any case, because of its hereditarily fine surface, regular dark hair is considerably more delicate and vulnerable to breakage and dryness when put under unnecessary pressure from blow dryers or straighteners.

Thus, it isn’t prescribed to use blow dryers on normal dark hair more frequently than three times each week.

For treat set on normal hair before blow-drying?

There are two vital components to safeguarding the magnificence and strength of regular dark hair: involving proficient blow dryers for African-American hair and applying the right heat protectants that keep your hair saturated, flexible, and more impervious to breakage.

A shower turns out best for fine braids, while thick and coarse hair will benefit more from a cream heat protectant for regular hair. Assuming that you are searching for something greener, attempt refined avocado or grapeseed oil, all things being equal.

Would you be able to fix regular dark hair with a blow dryer?

Assuming you are desiring a straight, smooth hairdo but have no level iron at your nearby removal, a decent blow dryer for normal hair with a focus spout will in all actuality do fine and dandy. The key to simple fixing with a blow dryer is to utilize the right shampooing, profound molding, heat protectant, and blow-dry items.

Does it matter what sort of hair dryer to utilize, assuming I have normal hair?

Regular hair shifts in surface, thickness, porosity, and width. Each type requires an alternate way to deal with blow-drying and styling, and that implies the utilization of various devices and items. A hairdryer that isn’t explicitly intended to deal with your hair type will deliver an extremely irrelevant result, in the best-case scenario. To say the least, it can cause enduring harm to your strands that will require numerous months to fix.

Give your natural black hair the luxurious salon look.

Styling your boisterous and requesting Afro-finished hair at home may be more straightforward than you might suspect with the right sort of warming devices available, similar to the Nano Titanium hair dryer by BaBylissPRO. Your excellent twists merit the absolute best consideration they can get, and one of the seven models recorded above makes certain to give it in full.

Which hair dryer brand do you trust the most? How can it deal with your wavy and coily, regular dark hair? Go ahead and comment underneath and share this post with your companions, assuming you enjoyed the audit.


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